Daniel Neil –  Fusion Australia

The young people of Hornsby are in desperate need. There are thousands in our area, many of whom are struggling with issues like bullying, poor self-esteem, drugs and alcohol, neglect, abuse, conflict and more.  These issues can have a profound effect.  Did you know that …
  • 1 in 5 will suffer from sexual abuse
  • 1 in 8 will self-harm
  • 1 in 20 will develop an eating disorder

Daniel Neil has been asked to play a bigger role in helping these young people.

Steve Wade, the Fusion Team Leader in Hornsby, said of Daniel:

 “What I see in Daniel is a real and genuine love for others, a sense of compassion, gentleness and concern.He is sensitive and picks up on clues that others miss. This is so important in our work. When young people walk in with tragic issues, or even have just had a bad day, someone needs to notice and care enough to do something. Daniel is like that. Plus, he has skills, so he knows how to help. The young people we work with desperately need this kind of alert compassion and skilled help. As a leader, Daniel can help our volunteers grow in these vital areas.”

This is why Daniel has been asked to join Fusion Sydney North full-time to coordinate the youth work. This position is not government-funded. There is little money to do it, but we really believe that this is where God wants Daniel. These young people and their needs tug at our hearts


We can’t do this alone. Will you help us help them?

We need to raise the funds, but we will also need your prayers, for us as a family, and in our ministry.

Some practical ideas that could suit you:

  • Regular fortnightly or monthly financial support *All donations made through Fusion are tax deductible
  • Volunteering at Jacks Youth Café and/or Breakfast Club
  • Small tasks to lighten the load i.e. making pancake mix for Breakfast Club
  • Help with promotion, etc